False Alarm Prevention Tips

Even though the Sheriff's Office cannot recommend a security company, we can provide you with tips to help eliminate false alarms:

  • Have your Alarm System installed by a qualified and reputable company. Obtain references and the business address of the Alarm Company.
  • Program door alarm sensors to have (at least) a 45-second delay before activation.
  • Make sure panic buttons are not accessible to young / small children.
  • Have your alarm system maintained and inspected annually. During this inspection, make sure all door and window contacts meet properly and all batteries are checked and/or replaced.
  • In event of a false alarm, find out what caused it and take steps to ensure it does not happen again.
  • Be especially watchful and alert after any unexplained alarm activation.
  • Cancel all False Alarm calls immediately.
  • Have your alarm company provide you with Orientation and Training. Ensure everyone who uses your alarm system has been trained in its operation and knows the code word. This includes employees, janitors, delivery personnel, domestic help, family and friends.
  • Make sure your alarm system can send a signal to the monitoring facility informing them of a power outage at your residence or business.
  • Make sure your alarm company verifies all alarm activations before calling the Sheriff Office.
  • Give your monitoring company detailed instructions about who to call when your alarm is activated, and what they should do when they receive an alarm signal.
  • Notify your alarm company if you will be aware from home for an extended period of time. Also, notify them when you return. Give them your revised call list for the time frame you are away.
  • Do not leave balloons or other movable items in a room that has a motion sensor.
  • Be aware of changes in your environment and how they affect your alarm system. Pets, design changes, new houseplants, air conditioning or promotional / holiday displays can set off an alarm system.
  • Make sure all door and windows latch securely to eliminate false alarms from wind or from someone accidentally jiggling your door. Install and use dead bolts.
  • Eliminate any rodent or other pest/insect problems from your home or business. These are common causes of alarm activations.
  • Quickly repair broken windows or holes in roofs to ensure that birds, cats or other animals can’t enter and set off your alarm.