Volunteers Services

Volunteer Services TeamMission

To support law enforcement and provide services to the people of Pinal County.


Volunteers are utilized to supplement and expand upon the work of sworn deputies and civilian personnel. The Pinal County Sheriff's Office Volunteer Programs are an opportunity for community members to offer their time, expertise and talent for the betterment of their community, quality of life, public safety and the general welfare.

With the involvement of dedicated citizens, volunteerism within the PCSO will enhance the work of sworn officers and civilian personnel for the betterment of the Sheriff's Office, Pinal County and its citizens.

Volunteer Opportunities

The Pinal County Sheriff's Office has several programs which utilize volunteer services:

  • Sheriff's Posse
  • Victim Service Unit
  • Chaplains
  • Cold Case Squad
  • ID Unit Volunteers
  • Citizens on Patrol
  • Professional Volunteers
  • Administrative Volunteers


Each of these volunteer programs requires successful completion of a background screening, interviews, and the Program Volunteer Training, Posse Academy, or Victim Service Training.

The minimum requirements are 4 hours per week and a commitment of a minimum of one year of service to the Pinal County Sheriff's Office.