Criminal Investigation Volunteers

Cold Case Homicide Squad

An elite volunteer group who is comprised of retired law enforcement officers, with an extensive history of homicide investigation. These volunteer investigators research closed homicide cases and re-investigate utilizing new methods and forensic capabilities. The focus of work is to solve the old case, bring the case to trial, and the murderer to justice. Through these efforts, surviving family members may have peace of mind and a sense of justice being served.

Identification Unit

This volunteer unit assists the ID Technicians with evidence collection, storage, and electronic data collection.

Levels & Duties

  • Level 1 volunteers assist in an office setting cataloging photographs and filing data, which will accompany case reports.
  • Level 2 volunteers accompany the I.D. Techs to the crime scene and may assist with the processing of the crime scene.
  • Level 3 volunteers process property crime scenes, as well as other duties.