Fee Schedule

Ramada Reservations$10 per day
Group Ramada Reservations $35 per day
Overnight Camping $10 per day
Ballfield Lights$10 per hour/$40 per day
Ballfield Reservations$40 per day
Multi-Generation Center Room Reservations$25 per hour Two-hour minimum 
Regional Trail - Commercial One-Day Event$2.50 per entrant
Regional Trail - Commercial Tour$15 per person
Peralta Regional Park - Day Use Fee$7 per vehicle


Fees apply to any Pinal County park and/or trail facility, including the reference amenity. 

Fees may include a separate non-refundable amount for online facility reservations and/or credit card processing fees, not to exceed the amount of expense incurred by the County. 

Promotional fees and/or seasonal discounts for overnight camping may be approved by the County Manager if they are: 

  • Not a reduction of more than 50% of the above Fee Schedule and; 
  • Published on the County website and;
  •  Available for an identified time period or to an identified category of use and/or user group