Citizen Advisory Committee


Authority:  Development Services Code Title 2 – Zoning / Chapter 2.170, Section 2.17O.11O, E., 2.c.

Membership:  No more than six members shall be selected for each supervisorial district by the supervisor for the district.

Term of Office: Indefinitely

Powers:  The committee will participate in the planning process for the adoption or readoption of a comprehensive plan, and shall hold a public meeting once a year to review applications for major amendments to the comprehensive plan and to make recommendations to the commission.


District 1

  • Pamela Rabago 
  • Panos Paramithas
  • Richard Pereanu 

District 2

  • Steve Kalandros
  • 2 Vacancies 

District 3

  • Shirley Ann Hartman
  • Colleen Bechtel
  • Rusty Riggs 

District 4

  • Pat Moore
  • Eric Gonzales
  • Ted Yocum 

District 5

  • Philip Todd
  • Sharon Allison Brown
  • Jaime Lanza


  • Shall hold a public meeting once a year