Pavement Preservation

Pavement Preservation is a cost-effective way to maintain our roads. This program is designed to take direction through funding allocation from Pinal County and the Board of Supervisors. Such a program can vary annually depending on funding available. The overall goal is to have a long-term strategy that enhances pavement performance by having cost-effective practices and treatments to extend pavement life, improve safety and satisfy the needs of our motorists.

Types of Treatment to Extend Pavement Life

Chip Seal

A preventive maintenance surface treatment entails a single application of asphalt emulsion by a distributor followed by a cover aggregate applied by a chip spreader. The surface is then rolled to seat the aggregate.

A preventive technique in which a crack is prepared, cleaned, dried, and a high-quality sealant material is placed into cracks to prevent infiltration of water into the underlying pavement layers.

A light application of diluted emulsion sprayed on an existing asphalt surface to enrich aging, weathered surfaces. Fog seals are also used to reduce chip loss on chip seals.

A skid-resistant surface treatment composed of a mixture of polymer-modified asphalt emulsion, well-graded aggregate, mineral filler, water, and other additives. Microsurfacing cures more quickly than slurry seal, allowing for a thicker application.