Park Volunteering

Volunteering with the Parks & Trails department

Volunteers can have an enormous impact on the environment and the aesthetic quality of our public spaces. The many roles filled by volunteers are important in keeping the parks and trails pristine. Additionally, the volunteer hours provided extend your tax dollars by saving county resources and maintenance costs.

WHY VOLUNTEER?                                

It’s good for you! Mentally and physically, it saves resources, volunteers gain experience and valuable skills, you get a chance to give back, and gain a sense of purpose and community!

  1. Adopt -A- Park (PNG)

    Adopt -A- Park Program

    is a cooperative effort between Pinal County OS&T Department, residents, business owners, & other groups wishing to contribute to the appearance of their community. The program is designed to promote civic responsibility as well as be fun & educational.

Volunteer Agreements

The Pinal County Parks Department partners with the following non-profit groups to deliver extended volunteer services. We do this through a mutually agreed upon "Volunteer Agreement," which outlines the services provided, as well as the responsibilities of each group.

  • SALT - Superstition Area Land Trust
  • ATA - Arizona Trail Association
  • GCCI- Gold Canyon Community Inc.

Other Partner Opportunities

The Parks Department also partners with several non-profit partners to assist in delivering additional services throughout the county. Our partners below operate County owned facilities on behalf of the County to deliver a wide range of much needed services to residents and visitors alike.

  • Creative Community Solutions Inc. - Oracle Community Garden
  • SMRC San Manuel Revitalization Coalition - San Manuel Community Center
  • TACC Thunderbird Arena Community Council - TACC Arena
  • CAFA Central Arizona Fair Association - Pinal County Fairgrounds