Most Reported Violations

Vehicle Parking

Vehicles may be parked on residential or rural property provided said vehicles comply with all the following requirements:

  • Vehicles must be owned or leased by the current resident/occupant of the parcel.
  • Vehicles shall not be up on jacks, blocks or other similar equipment.
  • Vehicles shall not have deflated tires, nor have the chassis, engine, body parts, wheels or tires removed.
  • Said vehicles shall not be parked in such a manner as to block access to sidewalks or driveway/entrances to any other property.
  • Vehicles must have a current, valid registration affixed to the license plates. (The lack of a current license plate and/or license tag or an expired license tag affixed to a vehicle shall constitute proof that vehicle does not have a valid and current registration.)
  • No more than two personally owned vehicles may be offered for sale at any one time.
  • Vehicles must currently be operable.

Miscellaneous Scrap, Trash & Debris

Definition of Scrap: Any item or substance which in its present condition is not and cannot be used for the original use intended or, that which has been discarded. All other items, objects, materials, parts, motor vehicle components, or any other item of personal property which are considered scrap must be removed or hidden from view. Trash and Debris refers to collections of trash and junk on the property, NOT trash or bulky waste set out for collection. Old junk, garbage, tires, rubbish, furniture, appliances, car parts or anything else stored outside can be dangerous and hazardous and lower the surrounding property values for neighbors.

Building Without a Permit

From and after the effective date of this Ordinance, it shall be unlawful to erect, construct, reconstruct, alter or change the use of any building or structure within any portion of the unincorporated area of Pinal County covered by this Ordinance without first obtaining a Use Permit from the Zoning Inspector. If a Use Permit is not required all other provisions of this Ordinance shall be observed.

Construction Materials

Construction materials may be stored on any property provided a valid building permit has been obtained and the following provisions are met:

  • No storage of materials in front yard
  • No storage of materials within 10 feet of side or rear property lines or be stacked higher than 6 feet
  • Materials must be removed within 30 days after construction is complete
  • All construction scrap must be held in specific containment areas or dumpsters.