Minor Land Division

Minor Land Division is responsible to ensure that all land divisions of five or fewer lots, parcels or fractional interests, ten acres or smaller in size within the unincorporated area of Pinal County, are properly processed.

Only Online submittals for Minor Land Division will be accepted.

For further information, please call Community Development at 520-509-3555.


The purpose of the minor land division is to protect public health, safety and welfare by establishing a ministerial review to determine that the division or combination of land into five or fewer lots, parcels or fractional interests, any of which is 10 acres or smaller in size, and does not constitute a subdivision. The addressing section provides for the uniform assignment of property numbers on residences, public buildings, and businesses along public and private streets or roads; to provide for the naming and renaming of streets or roads; and to provide addressing for emergency services responding to 911 calls to all unincorporated and non-reservation lands within the county.

Minor Land Division (MLD) Resources

Example Survey

Example Survey