For your convenience, the Pinal County Justice Courts have made several forms available. On this page are downloadable forms allowing you to access them from your home, work, or library PC, fill them out using the computer, and bring the completed, printed versions to the correct court along with the filing fee. You may also print out the forms and handwrite the information. Please make sure you print legibly and use black or blue ink.

For civil, small claims, and forcible detainer cases please read the appropriate instructions in the "How-To" section. You may find it helpful to print out the instructions first so you can refer to them as you fill out the forms.

General Use Forms

Please Note

The Justice Court forms are intended to be filed in Justice Court for matters under their jurisdiction only. These forms are unique for the Justice Courts and are not appropriate to be used for Superior Court matters. Because of jurisdictional differences, Justice Court forms cannot be accepted for filing in Superior Court.


Please be advised that completion of the TurboCourt form is only the first step. The form still needs to be filed and fees paid at your local Justice Court. Begin using the AZTurboCourt interactive forms feature to assist you in completing forms for:

These documents are only to be filed into the Pinal County Courts. The courts strongly encourage you to use the AZTurboCourt system to accurately complete your forms.