Appeals Forms

If you want to appeal a final order or judgment you received from a justice court or municipal court, you have the right to do so in the Superior Court. You may appeal a:

  • Civil Lawsuit
  • Judgment of Eviction (forcible/special detainer)
  • Injunction Prohibiting Harassment/Order of Protection (restraining order)
  • Any other final order or judgment handed down by a Justice Court or Municipal Court

You cannot appeal a small claims court decision.

Appeals Process

The information presented here is intended to guide you through the Superior Court civil appeals process. It is not legal advice and it may not be used as legal authority. It is an overview of the Arizona Superior Court Rules of Appellate Procedure. It does not replace or supersede the Rules.

To obtain information about how to appeal a criminal or civil traffic case to the Superior Court; how to appeal awards of an administrative law judge of the Industrial Commission of Arizona in worker’s compensation cases; and how to appeal civil cases from the Superior Court to the Appellate Courts (Court of Appeals, Arizona Supreme Court), please go to the following Arizona Supreme Court Appellate Guide webpage.