Community Programs

Stray / Feral Cats

In the state of Arizona, cats are legally considered free-roam animals. Shelters are not required to pick up cats or obligated to take them in. Pinal County Animal Care and Control (PCACC) will take in a stray or feral cat brought to the shelter for an impound fee. Call 520-509-3555 if you are needing to bring in a cat to make sure we have room.

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PCACC practices TNR for any feral cats brought into our care. With TNR, a feral cat is humanely trapped, spayed, or neutered, then returned to the location where they were trapped. It breaks the breeding cycle while allowing the cat to live out its natural life in its original territory. Cats are territorial, and having altered cats in their original area, helps keep unaltered cats out of the area.

Spayed/Neutered community cats typically have an ear tipped or notched.

Animal Care and Control rents out cat traps. These are live traps that do not injure the cat. If a person captures a cat in the trap, they bring it (still in the trap) to the office at 1150 S Eleven Mile Corner Road, Casa Grande, AZ. Please call ahead, to make sure we have room. PCACC can turn you away if we do not have space to house the cat(s). Traps are not to be set on weekends, summer months, or holidays. For the safety of the animal, traps are not rented out during heat advisories. There is a rental fee for the trap for a period of seven days and an impound fee per cat.

Visit our Fees & Deposits page

Don't Kidnap Kittens

Found a litter? Please leave them be, Mom offers the best chance of survival and will more than likely return. Kittens brought to the shelter without mom are not likely to survive, even if provided round-the-clock care. It is common to see kittens without their mothers. This doesn't mean the kittens have been abandoned. If you believe they have been abandoned, please contact us, and we will give you resources on how to check if mom is around before you kitten-nap them. Call 520-509-3555.

Keeping Families Furry

PCACC wants to see pets stay with their families, and we are willing to help! PCACC will help with fixing fences to the best of our ability, providing dog houses, building dog runs (if we have the supplies), and more. Let us know what you need to care for your pet, and we will see where we can help. Call 520-509-3555 to learn more about our Keeping Families Furry program.

Pet Food Bank*

Need help getting food for your pet? Come to Pinal County Animal Care and Control and let us know if you would like to participate in our Pet Food Bank Program. The first bag of cat or dog food is free. There is a $5 co-pay for any additional bags. 

*Subject to availability - contact the shelter directly

Low-Cost Spay / Neuter

PCACC occasionally has funding for public vouchers for Pinal County residents to get their pets spayed/neutered for free. We just ask that you purchase a license if your pet is not already licensed. We will cover the cost of the rabies vaccine for you too! Call 520-509-3555 to see our status on vouchers.

If your city has its own Animal Control facility, please check with your local Animal Control for options.

If vouchers are currently unavailable at our shelter, be sure to check out these low-cost options:

Low-Cost Vaccines

Check out our calendar to see when our next low-cost vaccine clinic is coming up. Other low-cost vaccine clinics:

Medical Care

Medical expenses can be unexpected and costly. If you are having trouble paying for medical expenses for your pet, consider applying for Care Credit or creating a fundraiser at or You can also give us a call to see if we may have any more resources for you!

If your pet is experiencing life-threatening medical problems, please seek immediate care at an emergency veterinary clinic. PCACC does not have a full-time veterinarian on staff, and our vet cannot see publicly owned pets, especially for medical emergencies.