Kennel Permits


Kennel Permits are required for all residences that house or maintain five or more dogs. In the documents below you will find all the necessary steps and forms to apply for a Kennel Permit along with a copy of the Pinal County Rabies and Animal Control Ordinance Number 050510 which require Kennel Permits.

We appreciate that you are interested in obtaining a Kennel Permit and want to make this a smooth process for all parties involved.

Kennel Permit Application Information

An appropriate Kennel Permit fee will be collected after the Kennel Inspection is approved by the Director of Pinal County Animal Care and Control:

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There is a $25 late fee for any application that is not submitted by the date requested.

In an effort to reduce the number of inspections not passing the first time, every Kennel Permit Application includes a copy of the checklist that will be completed by the Officer at the time of inspection. Please review carefully and address each requirement. Any kennel inspection requiring more than one inspection to pass will be assessed an additional $50 reinspection fee for each time the officer must return.

Kennel Permits