School Superintendent

The Pinal County School Office is an educational service agency meeting the needs of an ever-changing and complex society through educational and fiscal management and support for local schools and communities. To this end, the County Superintendent and staff are committed to working cooperatively with agencies throughout the state in identifying the educational needs and serving the educational agencies of the county.

The Office is authorized by the Constitution of the State of Arizona. The County Superintendent is elected for a four-year term on a partisan ticket. A current teaching certificate is required to hold the office.

By statute, the County School Superintendent's responsibilities include fiscal services for school districts; overseeing special school elections; appointing board members to vacancies on public school and community college governing boards; serving as superintendent of county accommodation schools, and establishing and administering service programs as requested by school districts.

Services / Consortia of Pinal County Schools

  • Fiscal Management
  • Data Processing / Computer Consortium
  • Small Schools Project
  • Gifted Program Cooperative
  • Juvenile Detention Education Program
  • Adult Detention Education Program
  • Pinal County Special Education Consortium
  • Teacher Training
  • Educational Mini-Camps for Students
  • Goals 2000 Curriculum Consortium
  • Professional Resource Center
  • Pinal County Chemical Use and Abuse Prevention Consortium
  • Regional Alternative Education School
  • Therapeutic Equine Academy for Children (TEACH)
  • Pinal County Student Leadership Camp
  • Science Olympiad
  • Home Schooling Registration
  • Mary C. O'Brian Special Ed (MCOB)
  • Rural Educational Alternative for Children (REACH)
  • Villa Oasis Interscholastic Center for Education (VOICE)

Pinal County Schools Statistical Figures

  • 19 public school districts
  • 55 public schools sites
  • 25,000 students
  • 1,400 certified school employees
  • 2,100 classified school employees