Online Services

Have some comments, concerns, or suggestions? Please look over the following information about the various online forms we provide. Certain details may help you decide which service may better suit your needs.

Report an Issue Related to Roads

Please use our Report A Road Issue Online Form to report potholes or a need for road grading, storm clean-up, shoulder repair, vegetation management, and many other items that might be related to Road Maintenance.

Express Concerns Involving Traffic

Please use our Report Traffic Engineering Issue Online Form to report concerns involving bicycling, neighborhood traffic, parking, jaywalking, pedestrians, school traffic, speeding, striping or pavement markings, traffic studies, traffic signal issues, and many other items related to Traffic Engineering.

Join Our Adopt-a-County Road Program

Please join our quest to continue to keep our Pinal County roads clean. Having a successful Adopt A Highway program helps our Pinal County Road Maintenance crews. It prevents greater amounts of time spent on picking up trash and allows more time to focus on repairs and maintaining the highways. Learn more about the Adopt-a-County Road Program.

If you have any question, comments or concerns please feel free to email Pinal County Road Maintenance or call 520-866-6515.

Find out if You're in a Floodplain

With today's technology, there are many easy ways that the public can view the floodplain information for themselves. You can figure out if you're in a floodplain. Alternatively, if you are having trouble locating a specific property, you can easily submit a request for flood zone information by filling out a Flood Information Request online. The Flood Control District will respond to your request for information by providing you will a flood zone determination.

Suggest an Improvement to a Pinal County Road

Improving roads whether dirt, existing pavement, or new construction takes a lot of time, planning and funding availability. In order to efficiently plan out improvements for Pinal County roads, we have established a program called Pinal County's Five-Year Transportation Improvement and Maintenance Program. If you wish to suggest a road project please fill out a Transportation Project Request Form.

Requestors will be contacted when their request has been successfully submitted in the evaluation process. However, not all requests are automatically submitted to the Five-Year Transportation Plan. Learn more about the Transportation Improvement and Maintenance Program.

2022 Five-Year Transportation Improvement and Maintenance Program (PDF)