Incentives & Programs

Arizona offers a wide variety of economic incentive programs to promote and encourage high-wage job growth and capital investment. The Arizona Department of Commerce is the central source of information for Arizona's business incentives. Please contact the Arizona Department of Commerce and review in detail the available business incentive programs at Arizona Department of Commerce


The Pinal County IDA promotes and encourages economic growth and job creation by making low-interest loans available to qualified projects through the issuance of tax-exempt bonds. Financing must meet all state and local bond law requirements, and all projects are reviewed by the IDA to ensure that financing candidates represent projects that will help to further Pinal County's vision for economic progress and sustainability. For further details about the IDA and bonding programs, please contact John Fries at [email protected] or by phone 602-440-4819.


HB 2822 substantially lowers personal property tax liability for business owners by 90% or more by accelerating and simplifying the depreciation schedule for business personal property. The law also benefits small business owners by simplifying and streamlining business personal property liability. HB 2822 sets the valuation factor for Class 1, Class 2 (P), and Class 6 of new personal property to 2.5%. Under the new law, all qualifying property classified during or after 2022 is valued at 2.5%, regardless of equipment type or use, creating a low, uniform, and consistent taxable value. For more information, please visit


The Quality Jobs Tax Credit offers up to $9,000 of Arizona income or premium tax credits spread over a three-year period for each net new qualifying job ($3,000 per year). The program encourages continuous employment; therefore, the tax credit is equal to:

Years of EmploymentTax Credit Amount
First Year$3,000 per net new qualified employment position created during the taxable year or partial year of employment
Second Year$3,000 per qualified employment position, employed for the second full taxable year of continuous employment
Third Year$3,000 per qualified employment position, employed for the third full taxable year of continuous employment

The median wage in Pinal County to qualify for this program is $36,830. For further and more detailed information regarding these programs and incentives, please visit the Arizona Department of Commerce or call 602-771-1100.


This program has been established by the State of Arizona and is available to businesses that lease parcels from a municipality rather than own them outright. All real property tax has been waived and replaced with an excise tax that is an established rate per square foot and based upon the type of use. The rate is reduced every ten years by 20% until it reaches the 51st year when the tax drops to zero. In some redevelopment districts, the excise tax can be abated for the first eight years after the certificate of occupancy. If a municipality is a property owner, this creates a huge incentive for a company to occupy the facility, or allows them the cash flow to perform improvements. Any business or entity occupying a facility on property owned by the municipality (the building may be owned by the private entity, but the land on which it sits must be leased from a city). The program typically is used to spur development and redevelopment in downtown areas.

For further and more detailed information regarding these programs and incentives, please visit the Arizona Department of Commerce or call 602-771-1100