How do I install a Manufactured Home in a Floodplain?

Installing a new or replacement manufactured home within a floodplain requires many steps to complete successfully. In addition to obtaining a floodplain use permit and manufactured home permit from Pinal County, property owners must also obtain a permit from the Arizona Office of Manufactured Housing. Here are the typical steps that must be taken to properly permit and install your new home:

  1. Email the Pinal County Flood Control District or call 520-866-6411 to see if a base flood elevation or depth has been determined for your property.
  2. Hire an engineer to develop a foundation plan for the home that complies with the Pinal County Floodplain Ordinance, the elevation requirements, and all applicable Manufactured Home Regulations. The engineer needs to also complete a pre-construction elevation certificate. Alternatively, you can have a surveyor complete the elevation certificate that goes along with the plans. A temporary benchmark should be placed on the property to ensure that the foundation is built up high enough and/or so the installer knows how high the home needs to be.
  3. Apply for a Floodplain Use Permit with Pinal County and submit your plans and elevation certificate for review.
  4. If the plans and elevation are acceptable you will received an acceptance letter from the Flood Control District. You will then need to apply for a manufactured home permit with the state of Arizona. 
  5. If the state of Arizona approves your plans you will need to bring three approved copies of back to Pinal County and your Floodplain Use Permit will be issued.
  6. Install the home following the plans and receive the required inspections by Pinal County Staff
  7. Call the surveyor back out to the property to complete a final construction elevation certificate. Submit a copy of the elevation certificate to Pinal County for Review.
  8. Once the elevation certificate is approved you will get your electrical clearance or certificate for occupancy.

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