What issues can the Parent Coordinator resolve?

The Parent Coordinator shall not have the authority to make recommendations affecting child support, a change in custody, or a substantial change in parenting time. A PC shall only have the authority that is delegated in the Court Order or the consent provided by the parties. The following issues can be addressed by the PC if the Court Order grants the PC authority or by consent of the parties, but they are not limited to:

  • Minor changes or clarification of parenting time, including holidays, vacations, or temporary variations from the existing plan
  • Transitions and/or the exchange of the children including date, time, place, and means of transportation of general travel
  • Health management issues including medical dental, orthodontic and vision care
  • Child rearing issues
  • Psychotherapy or other mental health care including substance abuse assessment, psychological testing, or counseling for the children or parents
  • Education or daycare including location, tutoring, summer school, participation in special education testing or programming or other major educational decisions
  • Extracurricular or enrichment activities including enrollment in sports, camps, or jobs
  • Religious Issues
  • Personal appearance changes including clothing or alteration of appearance
  • Parental communication including telephone, email, notes, etc
  • Contact with significant others and/or extended family members
  • Access to the children's records, including medical, dental, mental health, and education
  • Parenting classes for either or both parents

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