What is eCourt?

eCourt is the Superior Court of Arizona's portal for preparing court documents. This Website contains interactive interviews that will assist you in completing the forms necessary to create court documents for Legal Separation, Dissolution of Marriage, Conciliation Counseling, and more.

To complete the forms follow these instructions:

  • During each interview process, you will answer questions.
  • Please read each question carefully before you answer.
  • Click on the Help link at the top of the page for answers to frequently asked questions, glossary terms used in each interview, and technical support.
  • A review page will display at the end of each section to give you the opportunity to correct any errors made during the interview.
  • The forms can be printed and taken to the Pinal County Clerk of Court for filing after your final review and the interview is finished.

This interview process is provided as a public service but is not intended to give legal advice. If you are seeking legal advice, please contact an attorney qualified in the area of your questions.

Access eCourt Forms. Forms are also available at the Pinal County Clerk of Court.

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1. What happens in a dissolution or divorce?
2. Where can I get more information?
3. What is eCourt?
4. How do I start the divorce?
5. How do I file the divorce papers with the Court?
6. How do I serve the Respondent with the divorce papers?
7. How do I let the Court know that I have served the other party?
8. How long do I need to wait after service?
9. What happens if the Respondent files an answer or response?