How do I split my property?

Please contact your local development planning office prior to splitting property to comply with any local ordinances as well as State requirements. If the property is 10 acres or less and within un-incorporated Pinal County, the split needs to be approved through the Minor Land Division application process at the Community Development Planning Department. If the property is within an incorporated city or town limits, please contact the city or town for municipal requirements and approval. In either case a deeding action is still required to complete the parcel split on the Assessor records once an approval is issued.

To split property, record a deed conveying the property and describe the part of the property being conveyed in the deed's legal description. The Recorder's Office forwards all documents transferring property to the Assessor and the Assessor splits the property according to the legal description on the recorded document. The Assessor's Office suggests you seek the professional help of a title company or an attorney when transferring or splitting property. Legal descriptions must comply with the Arizona Department of Revenue's Mapping and Parceling Standards (PDF).

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