Adult Clients - What else should I do while my case is pending?
  • Be on time for court hearings. If you are going to be late, call the Public Defender's Office and let someone know.
  • Dress nicely when you come to court. You do not need to wear a suit, but please do not wear shorts or a sleeveless shirt. Do not wear anything that advertises alcohol, drugs, or nudity. Do not wear gang symbols or colors. Do not wear short skirts or anything revealing. Make sure your chest and stomach are covered.
  • Make a good impression. Call the judge "Sir," "Ma'am," or "Your Honor" during hearings.
  • Do not discuss your case with anyone other than your attorney and other members of the Public Defender's Office. This includes all inmates, police, family, friends, co-defendants, probation officers, parole officers, judges, and prosecutors. Anything you say to any of these people may be used against you. They can be called as witnesses even if they don't want to be witnesses.
  • Remember that all telephone calls made from the jail and all personal visits at the jail are recorded.
  • Do not send letters directly to the judge or the prosecutor or anyone else in the court system. Do not ask anyone else to write directly to those people. If you or a family member or friend has a letter for the judge or someone else in the court system, send it to your attorney. He/she will send it to the appropriate person if he/she thinks it will help your case.
  • Follow all of the conditions of your release. This includes:
    • Do not leave Arizona without permission from the Court.
    • Obey every law. Do not commit a new crime.
    • Do not use alcohol or drugs.
    • Do not contact anyone you have been ordered not to contact. This includes telephone calls, text messages, emails, in person conversations, and telling someone to tell that person something for you.
    • If you have been ordered not to return to the scene of the crime, don't. If you need to get your personal property from that place, call the local police and ask for a civil standby. They will go with you one time so you can get your things.
    • If you were placed on Pre-Trial Supervision, stay in touch with the Pinal County Adult Probation Department. Do everything your probation officer tells you to do. The number for the Adult Probation Department is 520-866-5600.

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