What would happen if the tax expired in 2026?

In the last five years, the half-cent transportation excise tax has generated between $10 to $15 million annually for road repairs, mitigation for air quality, small projects, and pavement preservation.  It is used to fund local projects in unincorporated Pinal County as well as through a population-based formula between the ten incorporated cities and towns.  If the tax were to expire, this would lead to transportation cuts for Pinal County and all cities and towns, which would impact transportation investments – especially pavement preservation.

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1. How is road maintenance and repair funded in Pinal County?
2. Do our property taxes pay for roads?
3. What would happen if the tax expired in 2026?
4. What is pavement preservation?
5. What is the importance of pavement preservation?
6. Is the reauthorization of the road excise tax an increase?
7. Is the half-cent road excise tax the same as Proposition 469 that was on the ballot in 2022?