Kim Grady

Open Space & Trails Advisory Commission
Title: District 5 Commissioner

Kim is an independent instructional technologist. She started her professional career in education teaching a General Education Diploma course for the really tough kids, it was either pass her class or go to jail. After receiving her master’s degree and completing an internship at Motorola, she began a long career with industry and higher education institutions supporting and planning training and development for advanced technological manufacturing career programs. She also consults on all aspects of instruction with a specialty in digital media and technology in the classroom.

Kim and husband Wayne built their environmentally conscious home in 2000 at the foot of the Supers. Kim quickly became involved with the community and is active with several volunteer groups. She joined the Friends of Lost Dutchman State Park in 2010 when the park was threatened with closure. Since then she has led the FLDSP in raising funds, and creating advocacy and programs that generate awareness and support for the park and the Sonoran desert. Through this work she has created an alliance with surrounding Apache Trail businesses. She has turned her experiences into skill with promoting grassroots environmental policy, conservation, and sustainability. She hopes to capitalize on these skills, alliances, and partnerships to accomplish much of the OS&T master plan.


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