Audra Michael

Animal Control
Title: Director
Audra Michael and Khal the dog

Audra Michael joined Pinal County's Animal Care and Control Department in 2011, becoming Director of the facility in 2015.

Audra began her journey in animal welfare by volunteering at Apache Junction Animal Control in 2007. After going for a ride-along with an Animal Control Officer, she followed her passion and took a position with Pinal County's Animal Care and Control Department, promoted to Field Training Officer and Field Supervisor before becoming Director. 

Audra has been elected to the National Animal Care and Control Board of Directors and recently became a "Certified Animal Welfare Associate" with the Association of Animal Welfare Advancement and a graduate of the Best Friends Executive Leadership Program through Southern Utah University. She also sits on the Arizona Companion Animal Pet Plate Committee, serves as a member of The Arizona Cruelty Taskforce, and volunteers for the Humane Society of the United States. 


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